Westhold Timing System


IDEC Decoder

When a transponder crosses the detection loop, the IDEC captures signals from the transponders and processes the raw data to determine the exact crossing time of each vehicle. It then sends this information to the computer over a serial or Ethernet link for final analysis and storage with Race Manager Software. Data can then be sent from the computer to other devices such as scoreboards, printers, wireless hand-held lap time viewers, and other third party devices. The IDEC can be used standalone or in a network of multiple timing points.


Race Manager Software

Westhold’s Race Manager Software is free. It can be accessed from the ‘Download’ section of our website. This powerful software organizes the data coming from the IDEC. It is necessary to store, publish, and print event results.

Transponder Pricing

Each transponder has a unique serial number that identifies exactly which competitor is crossing the start/finish line, or any other timing point on a course. Unlike standard RFIDs, Westhold’s transponders have an ultra high data rate (1mbit/sec) at HF (3-30MHz) frequencies. Because the high data rate generates many data points, the system is able to more accurately determine when a transponder crosses the center line of the start/finish.


Activated (1-9)$150 each

Activated (10-49)$135 each

Activated (50-99)$125 each

Activated (100+)$115 each


Rechargeable (1-9)$195 each

Rechargeable (10-49)$175 each

Rechargeable (50-99)$170 each

Rechargeable (100+)$160 each


The activator device is intended only for activated transponders. The transponders turn on when they hear the appropriate activation signal generated by an activator device. Once the transponder turns on it will stay on for approximately 1 hour. If it does not hear the activation signal again within the hour it will turn off automatically. If the transponder does hear the activation signal again, it will reset its internal timer.

Plastic Holder$5 each

Pro Pouch$10 each

Deluxe Pouch$15 each

Individual Charger$35 each


Transponders are quickly charged with the convenient charging cradle. Max charge time is ~ 3 hours. Typical charge time is ~ 1 hour. LED lights on the transponder indicate full charge while in the charging cradle. When removed from the cradle the transponder green LED indicates approximate number of days of life left (up to 7 days). A red LED indicates when the transponder charge has less than 1 day remaining.

Bulk Charger$750


Capable of charging 45 transponders, the bulk charger is also a convenient carrying case made from a tough Mil-Spec, IP-67 case.

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